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10 reviews for Grow with Me

  1. Debra Slaughter

    I found Grow With Me to be a very inspiring book. It reflected the importance of never giving up no matter the odds against you. This book was a very easy read and well laid out. Highly recommended!

  2. Lynette Robertson

    Awesome. Inspiring

  3. Angela Campbell

    A genuine and personal account of a young woman’s growth into the friend, motivator, innovator, educator, and renowned national speaker we know today. This book made me feel connected to her journey and inspired me to reflect on my own path to personal growth.

  4. Arletrice Watkins

    Excellent, motivational, and inspirational, thank you Dr. Campbell.

  5. Sharon Campbell Waters, PhD (verified owner)

    A riveting review of a personal journey of growth—-that resonates with the peace one finds through the presence of family and friends along life’s way. A great, must-read!

  6. Debra Boyd-Seale (verified owner)

    An absolutely beautiful book. Very open and honest. Thank you Dr. Campbell for sharing.

  7. Mary Bowman

    This book was very inspiring and motivational. It has inspired me to take risks in my own life that I never thought were possible. Thanks Dr. Campbell

  8. Yolanda E Campbell (verified owner)

    This book was a very easy read. Truly amazing!!!!

  9. Dr. Neisa Jenkins

    Dr. Campbell you captured the very essence of our lived experiences. In chapter six Dr Campbell discusses the tools and techniques she used when she almost threw in the towel. All of those tools resonated with me; specifically resilience, social skills, patience, goal setting and self-care. Let me add that social skills are so important what works in one group may not work in another. We have to be flexible and prayerful about the people, places, and things we engage in. Thank you for sharing your heart Dr. Campbell.

  10. Adriane Kirkwood

    I loved Dr. Campbell resilience and transparency. She is serious at times, but also very witty, which makes “Grow With Me” an engaging read. Thank you Dr. Campbell!

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