Raised in a foundation of support, strong work ethics and motivated as a young girl to become a changemaker, or future president, Dr. Lisa L. Campbell loves to learn, inspire, and educate others. Relentless in her drive to pick apart processes, understand the “how” and “why” and explore opportunities to find improvements within her own and others’ lives. Not content to be complacent or accept “that’s the way we do things” as an answer, Dr. Campbell quickly worked up the ranks of becoming a manager at McDonalds at 17, learning “front, middle and back of the house” operations, constantly challenging to learn more than what was being taught to her.

Dr. Campbell is a health care veteran who started her career in 1992 as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), today she holds 11 national certifications:

Since 1997, Dr. Campbell has changed the lives of aspiring health care professionals who are actively working towards degrees in Health Care Administration, Health Information Management and Medical Billing & Coding.  As a Chicago native, Dr. Campbell is particularly interested in educating underserved communities and is committed to make an impact in all lives that she touches. Along Dr. Campbell’s journey, she always knew that there was a better way, a more innovative way and was driven to unselfishly share her insight with others.

Dr. Lisa L Campbell is President/CEO of two companies:

Dr. Campbell is a nationally known speaker, having presented in the US and Abroad is recognized for her ability to deliver complex material in a relatable and fun way.  More recently, Dr. Campbell has spoken to large and small audiences on a variety of topics.

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